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At Silk'nFab it is our firm belief that we are not isolated from the environment we exist in and the society we function in. We believe we should care for both. Our modern facility at Gurgaon which is less than an hour's drive from Delhi, is an expression of our care for mother earth. That we have taken the organic route is yet another manifestation of our commitment to contributing to a better environment and society. This is a difficult path since it’s acceptability is difficult in view of a slightly higher cost involved in its intricate processes.However, we have managed to make inroads and with resounding success. Our products today are universally accepted in a highly critical global sales arena. We believe we have done India proud by our policies and practices. Organic production processes, as used by us, greatly contribute to preservation of our fragile eco system and regeneration rather than waste and destruction. We ensure that all our cotton is from non-GMO seeds and grown on organically certifiedland where natural fertilizers and pesticides are used. 
We are certified by Control Union, Netherlands to supply organic products under GOTS standards.
Our commitment to social responsibility is well proven by the manner in which we look after the environment and our people. Everyone at Silk’n Fab has a sense of belongingness to the placeand work. We follow fair labor practices and have welfare schemes in place to give the maximum benefits and facilities to our staff. Silk’n Fab not only provides education, scholarships and health care benefits to its own employees, but also to the weaker section of society in its vicinity. We work on these social programmes on our own and also in tandem with NGOs so as to reach out to a bigger audience. While we may not be able to cover entire India, at least we are doing the maximum in our area of operations by way of funding and allocating resources.
As a part of our environment and social responsibilities we comply with internationally laid down guidelines which cover:
A. No Child labor 
Age certificate of all employees recorded prior to employment.
B. Minimum Wages/Overtime 
All employees are paid above the minimum wage level and other benefits given as stipulated under law.
C. Hygienic work conditions for all employees
Our work place is maintained in the best way. Have a well-equipped canteen and clean toilets
D. Safety & security at work  
24x7 security guards, CCTV cameras, fire extinguishers, metal gloves for cutting, needle policy, are some of the practices we follow to ensure safety at work. Our facility is CT Pat compliant.
Child Safety norms:
Silk’n Fab has fairly large size of its business productsrelating to children. We followall safety compliances as laid out for kids items and have set-up our factory accordingly. We create products absolutely free of any irritants and use fabrics that have a luxuriously, soft feel for the delicate skin of infants and babies.

Special care is taken in sourcing kids fabrics, trims and in the making the end product. We conductvarious tests to ensure elimination of toxic dyes, hurtful metal or plastic parts. Length of any laces, drawstring etc. is kept under stipulated requirements. All products are carefully passed thru a needle detector to ensure no unwarranted metal part gets through with our final product.

We produce each item with utmost care and as beautifully as we can, products that are good to feel & great to wear for the little ones!