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In our quest to achieve perfection in this area, we realise that our success in manufacturing requires thebest of men, machine, material and monitoring.Each of these parameters has to be duly taken care of while abiding by the rules laid down for the manufacture of Organic Fabric made ups. In this world of competition and price sensitiveness we need to be updated in all spheres.

Men: Our HR team is constantly on the lookout for the best personnels at all the levels. We try and get the most qualified and experienced workforce which has to be kept constantly trained to keep abreast with the changing technology and market.

Machine: We have a wide range of machines required for the manufacture of textile products. Also new and modern machines are constantly acquired from world leaders in that area.

Material: In order to get the best product it is necessary to have the best of raw mater material and other inputs.

Monitor: Each stage of production and administration involves proper monitoring and audit to ensure all systems are in place and functional. We have competent staff to take care of the up keep and security of the factory while qualified personnels for floor shop to oversee merchandising, fabric inspection, cutting, stitching, mid line, end line, finishing, packing and the final reporting.

Some of the best practices we follow in production are :
  1. Design stage : Study the feasibility of style from bulk perspective. Prepare costing with all possible available options.
  2. Operation Bulletin : Detailed operation bulletin for each style
  3. Stress on proper pre-productionflow chart: Like PP meetings, size set, pilot, display of approved PP (with inputs) on floor, approved standard for each operation.
  4. Fabric inspection : Thorough checking of fabric according to 4 point system
  5. Cutting : Proper layering of fabric till the right thickness and keeping reference to“cutters must”
  6. Mid, end line : Regular reporting & audits at each stage of production.
  7. Final clearance : According to 2.5 AQL