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Born supremacy with world-class expertise in production of eco-friendly fabrics makes SILK’N FAB stand out in the crowd. With a perfect amalgamation of age-old tradition & modernity we are able to serve with innovative metropolitan style with the best of rural organic touch.
We are fabric convertors & have facility to make all sorts of end products ranging from apparels, madeups to home furnishings. In our updated facilities we do 100% Organic / Conventional Cotton, Silk, Linen, Viscose, Rayon, Bamboo, Blends. Our strength has been to supply & continuously develop fabrics in all these contents. We have the most modern looms & knitting machines to weave / knit world class fabrics to any required specification.

In terms of our stitching capabilities, we are fully equipped to make all sorts of apparel, home furnishingsand accessories in the most aesthetically acceptable & cost effective manner which are in conformity with 2.5 AQL norms. We are also certified by Control Union, Netherlands to supply organic products under GOTS standards. For detailed information one could download our e-brochure

Through our innovation and ongoing up-gradation in technology and marketing, we have been able to garner clientage of some of the most renowned names in the Apparel, quilting & home industry.
The three key areas where we always continue to strive for excellence are the R&D, Process Control and Human Resource. All these are separately kept under close monitoring of a designated senior Director. This helps us achieve perfection in all areas and thus gain confidence of our customers and get an edge over our competitors.
  1. Research & Development: In our pursuit for excellence, we recognize the need of continuous up gradation in every aspect of our business. Be it our regular signature items or in the making of new products, we strive for the best quality and product to be made in the most cost effective manner without compromising on its aesthetics.

  2. Process Control: We understand the importance of proper systems and checks to be laid out for each manufacturing process. We, therefore have process chart with documented system flow for each operation. There is a person responsible for proper monitoring and periodic reporting of the same. Finally, there are continuous audits which are directly reported to the management.
  1. Human Resource: Textile industry is labor intensiveand we, at SILK’N FAB therefore lay great stress on training and development of human skills. We have ongoing programmes led by professionals from different fields to train our work force from time to time. We believe that the strength of SILK’N FAB has been its people.
SILK’N FAB, a family owned business:

With the legacy of FOUR generation textile back ground spanning over a century, SILK’N FAB can proudly claim a name to reckon in the global textile market. Currently owned and managed by the third and fourth generation entrepreneurs who are qualified technocrats and management graduates who put in their best to serve the demanding requirement of their loyal and ever increasing list of global customers.

Mr. Arun P. Kanodia, MD, is an Engineer who inherited the business from his father. Arun has been in the textile industry since over 5 decades and has thus gained large experience in every aspect of the industry. He has had the best possible training, both at the shop floor and in the management with which he has been able to grow the business many folds. He hasinducted the gen-next by imparting values and promoting Organic Fabrics. While helping farmers to convert farm lands to organic agriculture, he also encourages processors to do sustainable textilesin order to save the future generations from the ill effects of the deadly chemicals hitherto used in the textile industry.

Mr. Anuj Kanodia, Director, is MBA, afourth generation businessman. Anuj, who has worked with leading production and marketing companies in India & abroad, adds his rich experience with modern vision in the growth of the family business.

Ms. Tanu Kanodia, Director, is also an MBA & degree holder in designing, makes up a perfect team of professionals within the family. Tanu’s flare and acumen in designing has brought laurels to our company atvarious national and international forums.

Thank you. We welcome you to SILK’N FAB experience.